We're setting you up with the experts in fundraising

TriQuest is the national leader in team fundraising. They take the traditional coupon book idea to a new level by providing a discount network of thousands of brands – national and local – all accessible to donors via a free mobile app or easy-to-use website.

At WorldStrides, we believe our trips should be accessible to all students. This partnership puts your group one step closer to the performing opportunity of a lifetime. That's why we've happily taken care of all the set-up costs to get you started with this simple fundraiser.

You'll have two choices to raise funds the TriQuest Access Cards or the We Fund Them Donation Engine (or try both!). 

First step, send in your group deposit. Second step, choose your fundraising method: 
  • TriQuest Access Cards – You’ll be given a batch of easy-to-sell cards, which you’ll sell for $20 each. Each card includes an access code to TriQuest’s discount network.
    • Cards cost $1.50 each.
    • How many cards should I order? We recommend no more than 10 cards per student traveling with you.
    • What if I don’t order enough? No problem! You can re-order as needed here on this page.
    • What if I order too many? No problem! You may return up to 35% of the cards at no cost.
    • A check for funds due and unused returned cards should be sent to TriQuest upon completion of the fundraiser.
  • We Fund Them Donation Engine – You’ll be set up with a completely customized donation webpage just for your group.
    • Donors can give any amount they’d like, and you can easily track funds raised.
    • Donors can use a credit card to donate funds to your trip. 
    • Share your donation link information on your school website and on your social media pages.
    • Every donor gains instant access to the TriQuest discount network site and free mobile app!
    • The TriQuest fees ($1 app fee + $3 service fee) are automatically taken out of each donation, and a 2.5% credit card processing fee is added to the donation amount.
    • When your fundraiser is complete you’ll receive an account transfer for funds raised. You don’t even have to collect money!
  • Do both! We actually recommend doing a combination of the two options. You may find the TriQuest Access Cards are easier to sell when in a face-to-face, event-based, or door-to-door setting. You’ll have a physical card to hand to your buyer. The We Fund Them Donation Engine option is great for selling online and through social media. Your customized donation engine even comes with easy social media shareable links, and you may find that your supporters donate even more than the standard $20!

For more details or information about getting started, simply call or email your WorldStrides representative! Happy fundraising!