ISA Academic Update
new programs

sdSanta Cruz, Costa Rica

Universidad Latina-Santa Cruz

Starting Summer 2017, ISA will offer a new program in Santa Cruz, commonly referred to as Costa Rica’s “National Folklore City,” and home to many festivals celebrating the country’s rich history and culture. The five-week Spanish Language and Latin American Literature summer program will be offered through Universidad Latina-Santa Cruz, and will allow students to enroll in 90 contact hours (6 U.S. semester credits) of intermediate or advanced-level Spanish language classes.

For more information on the Spanish Language and Latin American Literature program at Universidad Latina-Santa Cruz, visit the ISA website.

sdMadrid, Spain

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Beginning Spring 2017, ISA will offer the new Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Courses with Locals in English program at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M). This program offers a variety of lower and upper division STEM courses, all of which are instructed in English by UC3M professors. Several engineering departments at UC3M have been awarded EUR-ACE (EURopean-ACredited Engineer) status, as they satisfy the standards of the ENAEE (European Network for Engineering Accreditation).

For more information on the Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Courses with Locals in English program, please visit the ISA website.

sdSalamanca, Spain

Universidad de Salamanca

Beginning Fall 2017, ISA will offer the new Health & Medical Sciences program at the Universidad de Salamanca. This program allows students to pursue coursework in health communications, bioethics, and human biology, as well as Spanish language.  The majority of health and science courses are instructed in English. Students may opt to enroll in a combination of courses from the Health & Medical Sciences program and the Business, Cultural Studies & Spanish program.

Visit the ISA website for more information on the Health & Medical Sciences program.

sdParis, France

The American Business School Paris

Starting Spring 2017, ISA will offer the new Internship, Business, French Language & Electives program through the American Business School Paris.  During the academic year or spring terms, students may enroll in a for-credit (6-12 U.S. semester credits) internship course in marketing & e-commerce, finance, or fashion & luxury retail management. During the academic year program, students will complete a full semester of courses during the fall, followed by a paid internship in the spring. Students participating in the spring semester program will complete a full semester of courses, followed by a two-month unpaid internship in the summer. The new program complements our students’ experience with workshops, conferences and one-on-one mentorship. Placements in the internships are guaranteed and are finalized in Paris. Internship partners include renowned organizations such as Les Galéries Lafayette, Groupon, and Apple. 

For more information on the Internship, Business, French Language & Electives program at the ABSP, visit the ISA website.

sdMilan, Italy

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Starting January 2017, ISA will offer the International Relations intensive month program at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. This program will allow students to complete an international relations course in an intensive three-week format, which may also be added to a spring semester program. Participants earn 6 ECTS credits, 45 contact hours (3 U.S. semester credits) during the program.

Please visit the ISA website for more information about the Intensive Month International Relations program.

PROGRAM updates

Semester + Semester Options

Due to variation in the academic calendars at certain program sites, some ISA programs have switched from offering academic year programs to a semester + semester structure.  The change toward these semester + semester options will take effect starting with the Spring 2017 term, and will offer students greater flexibility in the two semesters in which they can participate according to regional academic calendars. Students participating in semester + semester programs will also receive a discount.

Easing of Requirement Regarding Mandatory Foreign Language Courses

In response to feedback from advisors and students, we are removing, from many of our programs, the requirement that students must enroll in a foreign language course during their time abroad. A few of our programs will continue to require that students enroll in foreign language course for a number of reasons. However, these exceptions are few. The change will give students greater flexibility to choose courses that best meet their academic needs.

svBrussels, Belgium

Vesalius College

All prices for ISA Brussels programs in 2017 have been reduced.

Please visit the Brussels page of our website for a complete list of Brussels' program prices.

svBarranquilla, Colombia

Universidad del Norte

The GPA requirement for all ISA programs offered through our host university, Universidad del Norte, is now 2.5.

Visit the ISA website for more information about our Barranquilla programs.

svSalamanca, Spain

Universidad de Salamanca

Beginning Spring 2017, students in the Linguistics, Literature, Translation & Other Courses with Locals program at the Universidad de Salamanca will also be able to select from courses available in the Business, Cultural Studies & Spanish program.  Students must enroll in a minimum of two courses with locals and may select two to three from the Business, Cultural Studies & Spanish program.

For more information on the Linguistics, Literature, Translation & Other Courses with Locals program, visit the ISA website.

svBuenos Aires, Argentina

Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

Starting Spring 2017, students who wish to participate in the Business, Hospitality, Design & Courses with Locals program at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (UADE) must have completed or tested out of a minimum of four semesters (six quarters) of college-level Spanish. Previously, this program was open to students at all language levels. 

For more information on the Business, Hospitality, Design & Courses with Locals program, visit the ISA website.


We have changed the names of the following programs to better reflect their curricular strengths and differentiate them from other programs offered in the same city, country or geographic area.

Brisbane, Australia
Queensland University of Technology
New Program title: Business, Engineering & Creative Industries (formerly:  Interdisciplinary Learning through Career Driven Experience).

Brussels, Belgium
Vesalius College
New Semester Program title: Political Science, International Affairs, Business, Communications & Internships (formerly:  Business, Communications, International Relations & Humanities).
New Summer Program title: Political Science, International Affairs, Business, Communications & Internships (formerly:  European Politics, Business & Communications).

Limerick, Ireland
University of Limerick
New Program title: Business, Liberal Arts & Nursing (formerly:  Business, Liberal Arts & Engineering).

London, England
Kingston University
New Program title: Liberal Arts & London Popular Culture (formerly:  British Studies & International Business).

Seoul, South Korea
Konkuk University
New Program title: Business Courses in English with Locals and Korean Language (formerly:  Courses with Locals in Multiple Disciplines).

Shanghai, China
East China Normal University
New Program title: Business, Chinese Studies & Language  (formerly:  Business and Chinese Language).

advisors' workshop in denver

svLast month we hosted our biannual Advisors' Workshop for the first time in our Denver office, rather than our traditional Austin location. The three-day event provided study abroad advisors from several universities the opportunity to learn about ISA, review site-specific information, and engage with several of our divisions, including: Student Services; Admissions; Strategic Partnerships; Marketing and Communications; Health, Safety and Security; Academic Affairs; and Internships and Service-Learning. Thirteen advisors from U.S. universities were in attendance. Our next workshop will take place in Austin this January. To learn more about the ISA Advisors' Workshop, please email

isa-pacie collaboration

ISA is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Pennsylvania Council on International Education (PaCIE). As a PaCIE Foundational Partner, ISA will support the keystone state's efforts to develop global competence among K-20 Pennsylvania students through both local and international programming. We are looking forward to conversations with Pennsylvania universities and colleges at the upcoming PaCIE conference in Philadelphia on October 6-8, 2016.   To learn more about this collaboration, please contact Lauren Alexander (Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnerships) at

online curricular collaboration between isa prague, sevilla and cusco

In the spirit of collaboration, ISA Prague, Cusco, and Sevilla used a telecommunications platform to engage students with academic issues related to the Sevilla course, “The Crisis in the Eurozone and the EU,” and the Cusco course, “U.S.-Latin America Relations.” ISA Cusco used the platform to create study groups for Eurozone and U.S.-LA Relations students. ISA Prague provided Eurozone students with a central-European perspective on EU crisis. The collaborations allowed students in different geographic regions to share insight into the current geopolitical climate as it relates to their curriculum.

the university of newcastle's business school recieves aacsb accreditation

ISA is proud to announce that the business school of our partner university in Newcastle, Australia, the University of Newcastle, has received accreditation from the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). AACSB accreditation is earned by less than five percent of business programs across the globe, and it is a testament to Newcastle’s academic quality and educational excellence.

Please visit the ISA website for information about ISA programs at the University of Newcastle.  For a complete listing of accredited ISA host institutions, visit our accreditation chart.

inaugural isa havana summer program

This summer we successfully ran our first program in conjunction with the Universidad de las Artes, in Havana, Cuba. Students completed the 5-week Spanish Language, Literature & Cuban Culture program, earning 105 contact hours of upper division coursework. They traveled to Santa Clara, Trinidad, las Terrazas, Viñales and Soroa, to learn about Cuban ecotourism, the agricultural industry, and the Cuban Revolution. Students also learned how to cook traditional Cuban food (tostones, arroz and frijoles), dance salsa, and learned about current U.S.-Cuban relations during a visit to the U.S. Embassy. We are also excited to announce our new Resident Director in Havana, Dachelys Valdés. Dachelys is a native Cuban licensed Psychologist with a Masters’ degree from the University of Havana. She has extensive experience working with U.S. study abroad students and we are delighted to have her join the ISA team.

To learn more about how Havana has changed in the last year, read this blog post by last summer’s Resident Director, Dr. Eric Mackintosh. To learn more about ISA’s summer program in Havana, please visit the ISA website. If you are interested in developing a Custom Program in Havana, contact Mario Gonzalez at

worldstrides awarded re-accreditation

ISA’s parent company, WorldStrides, recently received re-accreditation as a school from AdvancED, the largest accrediting organization in the world. On the 400-point Index of Educational Quality (IEQ), WorldStrides scored a 366, while the average for programs of a similar format is under 280 – evidence of WorldStrides’ continued emphasis on academic excellence. “It is an honor to be recognized by the education community for the work we do,” explained WorldStrides CEO Jim Hall. “Our commitment to the students, teachers and other educational institutions that work with us is reflected in the strong accreditation review results. We are the strongest educational travel organization with such broad accreditation and we are supported by an outstanding curriculum and academics team.”

For more information on WorldStrides, visit

courses with field components at james cook university

With campus locations in both Townsville and Cairns, Australia, James Cook University offers ISA students opportunities to gain practical experience during their semester or year abroad by incorporating field components into their curriculum.  James Cook’s curricular field components complement classroom study, while providing unique practical experience across academic areas including marine and tropical biology, indigenous studies, and the environment. These experiential learning opportunities highlight this unique region of the world, including eco-diverse areas such as the Great Barrier Reef and rainforests.

Visit the James Cook – Cairns and the James Cook – Townsville pages of our website for more information about courses with field components.

ISA internships and service-learning

sv New ISA Internships School of Record and Program Structure

Beginning January 2017, ISA Internships will offer two program options: eight-week and custom date internships. Additionally, we now have a new School of Record partnership with Carroll College. The optional academic credit add-on, worth six semester upper division credits, is available through Carroll College for all eight-week internship programs for an additional $300.

Visit the Internships website for more information about program structure and for-credit placement options.

New Internships and Service-Learning Placements and Locations

ISA Internships and Service-Learning is now accepting applications for Spring 2017 programs in three new locations:
Internships in Seoul, South Korea
Internships in Dublin, Ireland
Service-Learning in Galway, Ireland
Study + Service-Learning in Galway, Ireland

New ISA Service-Learning Program Structure

Beginning January 2017, ISA Service-Learning will offer four- and eight-week full-time service-learning programs.

For details on our 2017 programs and our new application due dates, please visit the Service-Learning Prices and Dates section of our website.

veritas abroad

svPrague, Czech Republic
Charles University and University of Economics Prague

Veritas Abroad is excited to announce new semester and summer programs options at Charles University and the University of Economics Prague, starting Spring 2017. Program participants will have the opportunity to enroll in history, culture, politics, and international business courses, along with the one-credit International Missions Practicum, offered through California Baptist University. The practicum is facilitated by a missionary connected to a local cross-cultural ministry, providing students the opportunity to integrate into a local church community.

For more information about the Veritas programs in Prague, please visit the Veritas website.


EuroScholars is excited to welcome its largest group ever this fall, with 22 students set to arrive at their program locations over the next month. Students will be joining ongoing investigations at some of Europe's most prestigious research institutions, including Karolinska Institutet in Sweden, Leiden University in the Netherlands, and the University of Geneva in Switzerland. The research projects cover a wide range of disciplines from physiology to sustainable development. Research project titles include, "Explaining the Resurgence for the Taliban", "Induced Protein Aggregation in Anti-Fungal Research", and "Experimental High Energy Physics with the CMS Detector at the LHC".

The EuroScholars 2016 Mid-Stay Program will be hosted by the University of Helsinki and is slated to take place in November. The Mid-Stay Program brings together all EuroScholars participants from across the various host institutions to present on their research methodology and findings, as well as to enjoy cultural activities around the host city.

EuroScholars North American Liaison, Dr. Elizabeth Erbeznik, looks forward to attending the National Collegiate Honors Council annual conference in Seattle this November. EuroScholars will serve as a conference sponsor and Elizabeth welcomes meetings from interested advisors and faculty. Meeting requests can be directed to

For more information about the EuroScholars program and to view available research projects, please visit the EuroScholars website at Inquiries may also be sent to

isa site visitS

Spring 2017 Site Visit Announcement
January 13, 2017 is the application deadline for the Spring 2017 group
site visits listed below:

Costa Rica: San José, Heredia and Dominican Republic: Santiago:  March 11-18
New Zealand: Auckland, Wellington, Palmerston North (with optional add-on to Fiji: Suva):  March 11-18
Spain: Valencia, Granada, Sevilla  (with optional add-on to Morocco: Meknes): March 18-25
Morocco: Meknes: March 26-29
France: Paris, Lille and Germany: Berlin:  March 25-April 1
Peru: Lima, Cusco:  April 1-8

Non-Affiliate: $400
Affiliate: $250 ($150 discount)

Our Group Site Visit itinerary typically includes visits to two or more ISA program sites, and consists of both academic and cultural activities. Group Site Visit participants will tour our host institutions, observe various classes, and meet with university personnel, including international office administrators and faculty when possible. In addition to host university visits, Group Site Visit participants will visit the ISA office at each site, during which they will meet the ISA staff responsible for supporting students during their study abroad program. Visitors will also be able to spend time with ISA students currently abroad, allowing visitors the opportunity to speak openly with students about their experience with ISA.

Applications to participate can be found on the Visit ISA page of our website.

program suspensions

Effective Fall 2016, we are suspending select programs at the following ISA host institutions, (all other programs at these institutions are still offered):

Business Internship, Business Courses with Locals & Spanish Languag
e and Student Teaching & Spanish Language programs: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso – Valparaíso, Chile

Nursing & Natural Science
program: Trinity College Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

Veritas Christian Study Abroad program: Universidad de Belgrano – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please visit our website for a complete list of 2016 program suspensions.

nafsa regional conferences

NAFSA Region V
Milwaukee, WI, November 26-28, 2016

Mark Gallovic, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, will be presenting alongside Emma May, Regional Director for Region V, and Darnishia Slade, Director for International Career Education at Michigan Technological University, a session titled, "Internships Abroad: Engaging in Professional Development."  This session will provide participants with knowledge on the various ways in which students are able to engage in professional development opportunities before, during and after their internship abroad.


Philidelphia, PA, November 15-19, 2016

Elli Reese, Regional Director, University Relations, will be co-presenting a session titled, "Innovative Collaborative Models in Community College Study Abroad,"  with Dr. Rebekah de Wit, Director of Global Education at Community College of Baltimore County and Gregory Malveaux, Study Abroad Coordinator at Montgomery College. During this session, Elli, Rebekah and Gregory will explore strategies and models for maximizing partnership opportunities with providers and establishing intra-institutional processes designed to overcome common roadblocks.


Indianapolis, IN, November 5-8, 2016

Nikki Fabrizio, Senior Alumni Relations Coordinator, will be co-presenting a session titled, " Ambassador Programs: What They Are and How to Create One," with Krista Erickson, Study Abroad Advisor at Western Kentucky University. During this session, Nikki and Krista will help participants gain insight on alumni ambassador programs and discover the benefits they offer to both students and providers/universities. Participants will also learn how to recruit study abroad alumni, maximize training, and best practices for utilizing ambassadors on-campus.


NAFSA Region III and VII
New Orleans, LA, November 4-10, 2016

Caroline Ickes, Director of Strategic Partnerships, will be presenting alongside Caroline Cully, Assistant Director for Study Abroad at the University of Florida, and Colin Large, Study Abroad Coordinator at the University of Tulsa, a session titled, "How to Evaluate Your Communication Models to Meet the Needs of Generation Z.” In this session, the presenters will unpack current research on the communication needs and preferences of Generation Z and discuss how we, as study abroad professionals, can modify our existing practices to better equip our students for their time abroad. This session will focus on optimizing engagement through the use of innovative technology and communication resources. 


Palm Springs, CA, October 31-November 4, 2016

Nikki Hemingway, Assistant Director, University Relations, will be co-presenting a session titled, "Facilitating Student Learning and Professional Development Abroad with Co-curricular Activities," alongside Jim Galvin, Director of Study Abroad and Faculty-Led Programs at UCSD. During this session, Nikki and Jim will share strategies, discuss challenges, and explore several co-curricular learning models that integrate fieldwork, internships, and research to complement classroom learning and influence students' professional development and success abroad.


Santa Fe, NM, October 31-November 4, 2016

Megan Fulmer, Assistant Director, University Relations, will be co-presenting with Beth Laux, Director of Learning Abroad at the University of Utah, a session titled, "Enhancing Student Learning through Co-curricular and Experiential Programming." During this session, Megan and Beth will describe the benefits and limitations of co-curricular and experiential learning activities on education abroad programs, along with implementation strategies. The session will close with an examination of case studies in order to help participants conceptualize how to execute strategies and identify allies on campus to help achieve programmatic goals.


Springfield, MO, October 24-27, 2016

Lauren M. Alexander, Associate Vice President, Strategic Partnership, will present a session titled, "A Method to the Madness: Insights and Resources for Program Portfolio Development," with Miko McFarland, Director of Education Abroad at the University of Kentucky. The session will highlight practices in strategic portfolio development from both the institutional and partner perspective.


Newport, RI, October 18-20, 2016

Andrea Haynes, Senior Regional Director, University Relations, will be chairing a session titled, "Maximizing the Co-curricular Experience Abroad and at Home," with co-presenter Zachary Macinnes, Outreach Coordinator and Study Away Advisor at Trinity College. During this session, Andrea and Zachary will provide an overview of co-curricular activities and learning experiences that are facilitated by three different entities and identify tangible ways institutions can maximize students’ co-curricular learning.


NAFSA Region I
Anchorage, AK, October 10-14

Adam Lazor, Regional Director, University Relations, and Colton Oliphant, Faculty-Led Coordinator at the University of Idaho, will present a session titled, "Education Abroad: Are We Nearly Obsolete?" In this session, Adam and Colton will explain why there is a need for technological advancement in the Education Abroad field. They will discuss the use of social media, modern sustainability practices, 21st century web development, and provide examples of how SAOs have incorporated technology into their marketing and advising protocol.


For ISA Regional Director contact information, or to schedule a visit to your campus, please reference the "Regional Directors and Their NAFSA Regions" interactive map.

conferences/seminars/ presentations/publications

Forum on Education Abroad European Conference
Athens, Greece, October 5-7, 2016

David Puente, Ph.D, Regional Vice President, Academic Affairs, will present a session titled, “Good News for Students Abroad: Leveraging New York Times Digital Content to Enhance Co-Curricular Engagement,” with Susan Mills of the New York Times, at The Forum’s 3rd European Conference, Living Change: Education Abroad in 21st Century Europe. A primary objective of all ISA programs is to facilitate students’ intellectual development and global competence. During the session, David and Susan will highlight specific examples of ISA’s integration of content into our Bridging Cultures Programs and the ISA Discovery Model in order to promote co-curricular learning among our program participants.


Ohio State University Cuba Information Session
Columbus, OH, September 8, 2016

Eric Mackintosh, Ph.D., Associate Director, Academic Resources, co-presented an information session regarding Ohio State’s framework for academic-related travel to Cuba. The session - hosted by the OSU’s Center for Latin American Studies (CLAS), Education Abroad, and the Office of Research Compliance - provided attendees with a thorough overview of the opportunities, expectations, and requirements pertaining to travel to Cuba for OSU staff and students. During the session, Dr. Mackintosh spoke about his time in Cuba as Resident Director of ISA’s inaugural 2016 Havana summer program.

U.S. Embassy Lima Study Abroad Capacity Building Workshop
Lima, Peru, August 9, 2016

Danny Gibbons, ISA Lima Academic Coordinator, presented during a roundtable discussion titled, “Challenges and Opportunities to Improve the Flow of U.S. Students to Peru,” at the Study Abroad Capacity Building Workshop, organized by the U.S. Embassy in Lima. During the discussion, Danny explained how ISA facilitates international education for U.S. students in our two Peruvian locations (Lima and Cusco). Additionally, he shared guidelines about key information that Peruvian universities should provide to U.S. students in order to help them select a study abroad program. The conversation that followed included best practices on how to handle emergencies and assist with cultural assimilation.


Since the last issue of the Academic Update Newsletter, ISA has entered into affiliation agreements with the following universities:

Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Salem State University
William Paterson University
New Jersey Institute of Technology
University of Richmond

For a complete listing of ISA's U.S. affiliates, please visit the Affiliated Universities page on the ISA website.

Since the last issue of the Academic Update Newsletter, Veritas Abroad has entered into affiliation agreements with the following universities:

Multnomah University
Concordia University Portland

For a complete listing of Veritas' U.S. affiliates, please visit the Veritas Affiliated Universities web page.


We are pleased to announce that the 2016 Fall and Academic Year ISA and Host University Scholarship Winners have been selected! Follow along with our selected scholarship winners as they write about their experiences during a semester abroad with ISA. For a list of the Fall and Academic Year Gilman Scholarship recipients, please visit the ISA Today Blog. Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients! 

ISA is excited to announce the addition of our newest Host University Scholarship in Madrid, Spain! The Universidad Antonio de Nebrija now supports ISA students with one scholarship every spring semester. For more information on scholarships that are offered by ISA's host universities, please refer to the ISA Host University Scholarships section of our website.

Please note that the winter/spring scholarship due dates are approaching, and complete applications must be received at the ISA Headquarters in Austin by October 30th. ISA has recently broadened the eligibility requirements for the Dr. Carlos E. Castañeda Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship is now available to eligible students in any year of their undergraduate career! Details about all scholarships available through ISA and those offered by our host universities, along with the ISA Scholarship Application and Eligibility Requirements, are available on the scholarships section of our website.

University Relations

Beth Calvert
Director of University Relations

ISA is excited to announce that Beth Calvert is our new Director of University Relations. During her time at ISA, Beth has led a variety of projects and initiatives related to student recruitment, student outreach, advisor engagement, and program development. Beth spent her first three years at ISA in a Regional Director position before transitioning to the role of Associate Director of University Relations. Beth managed a team of Regional Directors and closely engaged with our university partners in Arizona, Colorado, and Wyoming. Prior to joining ISA in 2009, Beth worked as a recruiter for London South Bank University after graduating from the University of St. Thomas. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her new role as Director of University Relations.

Nikki Hemingway
Assistant Director of University Relations

Nikki Hemingway joined the University Relations Department in 2012 after completing her M.Ed. in Student Development and Higher Education at the University of Maine. Her love for international education and for supporting both students and colleagues has elevated her to become a leader in the department. Nikki is excited for the opportunity to closely support and manage our team of Regional Directors in their professional growth and success on the road.

Megan Fulmer
Assistant Director of University Relations

Megan Fulmer started at ISA in 2013 as a Regional Director after completing her undergraduate degrees in Spanish Language and Psychological Sciences at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. Megan became a Senior Regional Director in 2014, and has enjoyed working on collaborative projects within her region. Megan welcomes the opportunity to manage and support her team at ISA, while continuing innovative collaborations within her region.

Strategic partnerships

Department Expansion

ISA created the department of Strategic Partnerships in 2014 as part of our ongoing mission to provide the highest level of service and collaboration with our U.S. affiliates.  ISA's University Relations Department will continue to represent ISA at the campus level, serving your needs and those of your students. Strategic Partnerships provides another level of support and solution-orientated engagement for institutions who wish to take a strategic approach to achieve their education abroad goals.

The Strategic Partnerships Department is proud to announce Nick Zappitelli and Caroline Ickes as the newest additions to the team.

Since 2008, Nick has worked in various capacities within ISA. Early in his tenure, Nick created the Student Services Department, and later spent three years in Lexington, KY, where he implemented and managed the ISA Kentucky embedded office at the University of Kentucky. Nick spent the last year as Director of Public Relations. He is looking forward to working with many of his longtime education abroad colleagues in new and innovative ways.

Caroline joined the University Relations Department at ISA in 2011 after completing a Master’s in Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. Holding the positions of Regional Director and Associate Director of University Relations, Caroline has focused her work on making study abroad more accessible to students by creating interactive pre-departure orientations, designing a collection of advising videos, and integrating useful technology to assist with student outreach and engagement. She is excited to use the same creativity towards developing unique and accessible academic programming with our partner universities.

The Strategic Partnerships team is listed below. Feel free to reach out to start a conversation or schedule a campus visit.

Lauren Alexander
– Delaware, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas Tech, Virginia, Washington D.C.

Mark Gallovic
– Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Caroline Ickes
– Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia

Nick Zappitelli
– Alaska, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington

isa webinars

ISA has developed a set of educational webinars and videos for our affiliates, alumni, students and the education abroad community. To access our entire archive of recorded ISA webinars, please visit our ISA Webinar YouTube playlist.

Recently recorded webinars include:

ISA Advising Resources – How to Navigate and Utilize New Resources
Maximizing Faculty-Led Study Abroad Programs at Community Colleges & Price-Conscious Institutions

Upcoming webinars include (click the links to register):

Signature Programs and Strategic Partnerships
Redefining the GAP Year
How to pare down Study Abroad options

To receive more information about upcoming ISA webinars, including registration details, email Eric Mackintosh at

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